Izenda Reports 6.5 What’s New – Beta Now Available

by Amelia Kirkner on February 7, 2012

1. Izenda Fusion – Virtual Data Warehouse and Smart Cache

Check out Izenda’s amazing new feature! Izenda Fusion simultaneously connects to multiple databases of any type and delivers dynamic real-time analytics from multiple databases and applications, without having to do periodic ETL into a data warehouse. It provides instant insight into what’s happening across the entire organization in real time.  Izenda Fusion also  eliminates the need for costly and complex data warehousing projects. In today’s dynamic environment, waiting until next week or even the next day for a batch process, gives your competitors an advantage.
Please see Fusion Product Overview for more details.

2. Header Cell Gradients

Makes your reports looks more appealing with gradient features.

3. Multi-Field Pivot

This new feature allows you to create more flexible reports by adding multiple dynamic Pivot columns.

Observe the screencast http://www.screencast.com/t/J8BoR585KvK

4. Multi-Value Auto-Complete

If your database has lots of text data, and you want to filter by such fields, use our new feature, Equals autocomplete filter operator.
One does not have to remember all the fields in the database anymore.  No more searching for a particular value among a long list of possible values. Just start typing and the system will suggest you a value from the database, and all this in real time!

5. Simplified Data-sources check-box mode

No more joining tables one-by-one specifying join conditions every time. We now introduce a new simplified check-box mode. You can easily add a table by clicking a check-box. Our intelligent system will automatically build join conditions, using existing database constraints. Also, our each step system will automatically determine which table can be joined, so there is almost no way to make a mistake.
Note, that by default, all tables will be joined using INNER JOIN. If you now check the “Allow nulls” check-box, the join type will be changed to FULL OUTER JOIN.  Wider possibilities and easier use at the same time!

6. Connection string wizard

You may connect to the MS SQL server in seconds, just like every day use of SQL Server Manager. No need to remember long complex connections strings. Izenda Reports integration process is even more easy and fast!

7. Charting Enhancements

New features makes Charts look nicer, cleaner, clearer and easier to read and understand.
Chart scale: Imagine that you have many charts in the dashboard. Some of the charts are very important and should attract attention. Other charts are only includes extra information.

The second feature is an improvement of the Bar Chart with separator: we made it easier to read and looks a bit more professional.

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